Toshiba colour photocopier

Our products

We service and supply mainly Lexmark, Konica Minolta and Toshiba Brands.

Contract free sales and service.

With on site service and extensive experience in repairs to office equipment we can offer a range of solutions to make your office efficient and staff more productive. We specialise in service to Toshiba and Lexmark Office Equipment.

The Equipment we supply is selected for productivity, ease of use and running cost. Where possible corporate levels of equipment specifications are sourced to give users an IT advantage over domestic type equipment.

Some facts

A colour copier usually costs 6-8 times more to run and maintain than a black and white. Colour copiers still cost more to maintain even when printing black and white. We usually bundle a black and white printer with them.

Most of the colour copiers we sell cost about 4 -6 cents per page to run and maintain.

Small domestic colour lasers are around the 20 cent per page mark.

Inkjet printers usually run above 30 cents(photo)
We do not sell domestic type equipment.

Most equipment is now Mac compatible for printing, and scanning but support is available.

Small colour inkjets do great photos and are good for printing on cardboard, envelopes etc.

IF you have a choice always go for the one with network.

Card stock is selected to get more heat into the stock and help set the toner. Most copiers will handle 200 GSM.

Most of the copiers we sell are larger because they are more robust, longer lasting, and have easier to navigate control panels. The life of a business quality copier is easily upwards of 600,000 pages.

In general the smaller the printer or  copier the dearer it is to run.